Build a successful social media management business that you love, pays you well, and fits into your lifestyle.


the only marketing & business training you'll ever need in one place so you can... 

Because we do NOT want to waste your time (actually, we’re kind of obsessed with helping you save it).

So before you go any further, we have a question:

Before we get into the very juicy details, let’s just check if this is for you... 

Which one sounds more like you?  ⤵️

Let us guess... you’re charging a few hundred quid per client and your diary feels H-E-C-T-I-C?

You started this freelancing biz to give you the freedom you need to be there for your family and enjoy life on your terms.

But it’s starting to feel as stressful as a corporate job (without the salary 😬) and some days you question if it’s really worth it.

You’re not ready to jack it in yet though — you’ve seen others “make it” and deep down you know you’ve got what it takes...

You’re ready to turn this freelancing-malarkey into a successful business that runs on your terms.

You’re already a freelance social media manager — but now you’re ready to grow your biz, earn more, and show up as an expert

You want to quit your job and go freelance — but you want to take the shortcut and get it right from day one

You’re ready to walk away from the dreaded 9-5 that dictates too many of your living hours but...

Walking away from that salary is pretty bloody scary and you don’t want to waste months figuring out how to replace it on your own.

Which is probably why you haven’t left yet.

If only you could get everything you need to know on building a social media business, marketing it, and growing it so you can take the shortcut, from two industry-leading experts.

Yes, that does sound rather lovely...

“business in a box”

“business in a box”

“business in a box”

"A really pretty box that I've tailored to my niche clients. By far the best investment I've made."

— Claire

"It is basically a business in a box."

That probably just gave our age away — but let’s keep this real...

If you’re looking for a 22 year-old influencer who’s selling digital products from a yacht off the coast of Bali, we might not be your gals.

But if you’re looking for two mentors who have built (and still run) successful social media businesses, spent years working in sales and marketing, and have been exactly where you are right now, then you should keep reading.

We don’t promise “6-figures in a year” or any of that bullshit.

But what we do promise, wholeheartedly, is to arm you with everything you need to know to grow, or start, a successful social media business...

So you can save time (if only this existed when we started out in 2016, sigh) and be the well-paid, smug freelancer at the school gates.

We’ve bundled all our secrets into this Toolkit and don’t believe there is anything else this comprehensive and easy-to-use out there.

We’re The Two Lauras (literally 😂) and together we have 30+ years of marketing and business experience


“You might find other courses that teach social media marketing skills — OR how to run a freelance business — but with us you don’t need to choose. We are teaching you EVERYTHING!”

—Laura & Laura X

"I'd only been working as a Social Media Manager for a few months and I'd become a bit overwhelmed.

Fortunately, I discovered The Social Media Manager Toolkit, and as soon as I read about the client onboarding templates, I knew that it would cause me less stress, keep me organised and ultimately help me win more clients.

In reality, it took me from feeling lost and overwhelmed to confident & fully booked. So much so that during the pandemic, I resigned from my 9-5 and went full-time with my own business as it helped me so much.

Plus, it’s a business tool and, therefore a business expense, which comes off my profit and brings my tax bill down. I have found it life-changing and will be forever grateful.

— Emma

"This took me from feeling lost & overwhelmed to confident & fully booked."

The one-stop shop for social media managers who want it all — and refuse to settle for less (we see you!).

The Social Media Managers’ Toolkit


hit play

  • Learn all the secrets to social media marketing so you ALWAYS get the best possible results for your clients and become a sought-after expert

  • Know everything you need to know about Facebook & Insta ads so you can skyrocket your income and sell ads management services with confidence.
  • You get the email templates, proposal, sales call strategy, onboarding process we use in our two businesses, so you can charge more and attract high-paying, long-term clients

  • Identify your ideal clients, discover exactly where to find them, and then deliver our signature 5* customer experience so they keep coming back for more (and telling their friends about you).

All the marketing skills so your business survives THRIVES 

All the tools, templates, and processes to run a 💰💰💰 business


Get all the tools, templates, and processes you need in the 8 key areas of your business (worth £2,497)

Grab a cuppa (or a Diet Coke) and let’s get into the juicy details...


So you can attract loyal clients who pay well and stick around for the long term.

Get our rate calculator and secret pricing formulas

So you know never under-charge or over-think your pricing again.  You also get our famous Freelance Filter™️ — the secret weapon that means your business can be profitable from day one. (7 videos, 1 pricing calculator, 1 spreadsheet, 1 list).

“You’ll also get the finance tracking spreadsheet my accountant husband made which I still use in my business today” - Laura Davis


pricing & profit

Use the only proposal template with 100% success rate

This alone has generated tens of thousands of dollars in income for our customers.  The official proposal template comes in 6 fully customisable designs with step-by-step instructions to modify your chosen template to suit your brand.

“I have never had a single rejection from this template, it’s enjoyed 100% success rate in my business” - Laura Davis



Get our entire process

Make an incredible impression from day one so your clients will never want to let you go. You’ll get our entire Trello process including questions we ask, our invoice template, all our terms of business, and crisis management templates. (3 videos and a ton of templates!)



Identify dream clients and actually find them

Implement our signature Dream Client Identification Parade — so you know with 100% clarity exactly who you want to work with. And then we’ll show you exactly where to find those higher-paying clients. Trust us when we say this stuff is G-O-L-D! (6 videos, 1 checklist, 1 workbook)

“It's your business, you now get a choice in who you work with (and who you don't!)” - Laura Moore



Turn your fear into confidence

Learn exactly what to ask on sales calls (or discovery calls) so they never feel scary again. Instead you’ll find yourself closing the Zoom room with a grin and signing clients with a newfound confidence. (3 videos, our exact script, and workbook)


sales calls

Become a high-earning social media strategist

Yep, we’ll take you from “content creator” to highly paid social media strategist. We’ll show you exactly how to craft killer strategies that you can charge $500 -$1k+ for (per single platform)... we show you how (in our 150 page strategy guide) and give you all the templates to use immediately. Also, more good news: Audits don't have to be a free service. We’ll show you how to use them to make money and win new clients. (4 video, 2 templates in 6 designs, 1 x strategy promotion pack, and our 150 page guide)

"Offering an audit and strategy service is a no-brainer."  - Laura Davis



Wow your clients with your
😱 results

Your clients are paying for results so we'll show you how to give them the data in a way that makes YOU look great so they want to keep hold of you forever. (2 videos, 1 template in 6 designs, 1 spreadsheet)



Testimonials that leave people begging to work with you

Discover exactly how to get your clients singing your praises so followers start lining up in the queue to work with you. We’ll also show you exactly how to write a killer case study to bring in new organic enquiries. (2 videos, 1 testimonial template, 1 case study template)



"I've sent 15 proposals so far using the proposal template and have had them all book to work with me! So it has a 100% return rate for me!


100% success rate


"I invested in the Social Media Manager's Toolkit about 9 weeks ago. After this month's invoices have been paid, I'll have made back the money I've spent so far!"


made it back in 9 weeks



You also get lifetime access to our 3 signature courses (worth £6,262) ⬇️

real results

(Seriously, they will never want to let you go if you follow our in-depth step-by-step strategy in this programme!)

You’ll love this course, if...

🙋 Your social media marketing strategy isn’t working but you don’t know why — You spend hours making content that gets a few half-arsed likes and comments and sometimes you secretly wonder if you’re in the right job

🙋 You hate ‘selling’ on social media — Seriously, just the thought of it brings you out in a cold sweat. And the thought of having to run a kick-ass conversion campaign for clients sends you running to the loo

🤢 🙋 You want to become a social media manager and don’t know where to start — You want to get the strategy right from day one and deliver outstanding results to your very first clients.

The ULTIMATE social media marketing course so you get consistently amazing results for your clients 🤩



Psychology-driven marketing is THE SECRET to increasing engagement, reach, and sales on social media

We know it doesn’t sound as sexy as “the bloody algorithm is screwing me over” but just look at these results... ⬇️

Inside 51 comprehensive lessons spread over 5 modules, we’ll teach you:

✅ Module 1: The secret power of psychology-driven social media — Discover the psychological triggers that make people take action on social media.

✅ Module 2: Find out how to get seen by more of the right people — Learn how to increase your visibility on social media using 3 of our favorite psychological tricks.

✅ Module 3: Discover how to connect deeper with your audience — This is crucial for being memorable so you generate new leads and sales on social media.

 ✅ Module 4: Learn how to sell like a pro — Hate selling on social? Not anymore! Learn how to craft your irresistible offer, build anticipation, and create sales content that actually SELLS.

✅ Module 5: Run sales campaigns like a £££ pro —It’s finally here! The mind-blowing step-by-step guide to selling on social. Once you have it, there’s no looking back.

Never worry about the ever-changing algorithm again

Wave goodbye to constantly double-guessing your skills as a marketer and start delivering your social media content with complete confidence 👊

Not only have we run multiple successful launches for our own clients, but we’ve also launched more times than we can count for this business — The Two Lauras.

This in-depth plan covers everything so you’ll never stress about running a successful launch for clients again, including how to:

✅ Run product, services, and online course launches
✅ Promote workshops and webinars with ease
✅ Sell time-limited and evergreen (always on sale) offers
✅ Sell physical products with ease on social media
✅ Plan price increase campaigns and clearance sales with confidence

MEGA BONUS! Get our complete launch plan so you always sell with confidence on social media


"Social prf covers a huge element that is just forgotten about in other social media training. The psychology of marketing and how it applies is skimmed over in other courses. The concepts are presented so simply that you can implement them straight away.

—Ruth Lyons

"This is the piece that elevates you to a true marketer.

"The course is fantastic! There's definitely been a gap in people teaching the psychology side of social media marketing. I feel like a fully-rounded marketer knowing this stuff."

—Claire Newman

"No more guesswork..."

Yep, ads management is where the money is at (and where we’ve made the most in our businesses).

You’ll love this course, if...

🙋 You want to start managing ads for clients and charge a premium for it — You’re ready to up your game (and your income!) but ads feel like a terrifying dark art and you’re not sure where to start...

🙋 You’re already managing ads but think you could be getting better results — You’d like to show up with more confidence and want to learn how to expertly create ads for each stage of your clients’ funnel.

 🙋 You’re not sure if ads are for you or not yet — but you’d love lifetime access to a course with all the details to help you decide.

Learn everything you need to know to become a Facebook™ & Instagram™️ ads manager and skyrocket your income


Facebook ads are NOT a dark art — we’ll take you through the entire process, step by step...

Get to grips with how to navigate ads manager, build audience, and set up ads


Create your first ad campaign with confidence and set it live for a few days


Dive into the data and learn what it means so you can make informed decisions about next steps.


we've got some good news for you... 

Wooo hooo! You are officially a strategic £££ ads manager... Time to book a spa weekend to celebrate?!


“I now earn 6X what I was on when I was managing organic socials. It has allowed me to have my dream wedding, renovate my home and plan a two month trip travelling around Asia, New Zealand and Australia. It is 1000% worth the investment.

—CJ Sinclair, Vibing Social

The Ads Manager academy changed the game for me. It is so well thought out and covers everything you need to know about running Meta ads. And having the Laura's in your corner and supporting you along the journey, makes learning the ropes a whole lot easier. Since the course, I have worked with dream clients in the eCommerce space, with budgets of £5K+ a month.”

"The course has left me feeling much more confident offering ads to clients.

It was such a comprehensive course from start to finish. I found all the information was presented and separated into easily digestible sections."


couldn't wait to get started

You will walk away oozing confidence in ads management, just like Nat, Sarah, and Marielle...

"I'm already 10 times more confident talking to clients about ads

It's pitched brilliantly—so whether you are a new social media manager or a seasoned pro, it's the one for you. I can't believe what they charge for it! It's worth its weight in gold."


boosted her confidence

"I just completed the Facebook ads course and I can't reccommend it enough.

I'm confident now that I can start making lots of money from Facebook ads. I've learned so much in this course. There was so much to building ads that I hadn't previously known and probably never would have if I hadn't done the course."


learned so many skills

You’ll love this course, if...

🙋 You have more screenshots on your phone than photos of your family... 1000's of content ideas, Facebook ads, comments from clients, you name it, you’ve got it but when you actually need one, can you ever find it? NOPE!

🙋 You’re surrounded by content ideas but never inspired when you need to be — seriously, how do other people make content creation look so easy and quick?

🙋 You’ve got client photos scattered all over pthe place— but remembering what products they relate to, or any other information about them is

Quickly create an endless supply of content ideas for any industry and be super organised about it


You are not alone — content organisation is the biggest bain of a social media marketer’s life and it’s why we made the Content Inspiration System™️

So you can have an endless supply of ideas and all the assets you need to quickly create great content for your own business and your clients’.

This system will singlehandedly change my business and therefore my life. In the short time I have been using it, I have been able to save time and scroll less, plan better and schedule more. Just these few actions will help me deliver better value for my clients and help me to market my business more. It's like you've downloaded my brain and understood exactly what I have been needing. I have a strong feeling that many people are going to find this incredibly useful.

—Emma York

"The Content Inspiration System is the best thing you have done!

✅ Be more easily inspired by the content you see on social media (without copying others)
✅ Have everything at your fingertips when you need it including: content inspiration, repurposing materials, client assets, and important bookmarks.
✅ Uncover the power of Airtable and create a personal system that speeds up your content creation
✅ Start to populate your ‘Content Clips’ library and create a habit of adding more ideas every single week

Build business, content, and social proof libraries to 10x speed up your content creation


4 In-Depth Modultes


Enjoy not 1 or 2 — but 5 juicy bonuses (worth £1,189)!

Get over 150 content prompts to transform your own social media content

Become your no. 1 client and prioritise your social media presence with these super easy prompts delivered in a simple Notion board so you can edit and reuse over and over again. You also get our top 50 Calls To Action (you can copy word for word!), 10 Canva post templates, 10 story templates, 25 story ideas, and 20 short form video ideas.

*Thank holy duck* — your social media planning and posting just got a whole lot easier!

Bonus 1


Develop a marketing plan that will turn your “freelance gig” into a reputable personal brand

Our industry-famous 3P Framework will help you decide how you want to market your business, make a plan, and stick to it. You get to decide how you want to show up and what kind of content you want and this will easily guide you through the options so you can make a solid marketing plan once and for all. BOOM! “I have never had a single rejection from this template, it’s enjoyed 100% success rate in my business” - Laura Davis

Bonus 2


Get more leads, traffic, and sales from Instagram using AI tools

Get a behind-the-scenes tour of how we use chatbots in our Instagram and Facebook DMs to start revenue-generating conversations.

We’ll also show you how we use chatbots to make our audience’s life easier, handle customer queries, repetitive questions, and speed up client onboarding. It’s been a complete game-changer for all of our businesses!

Bonus 3


We show you exactly how to hit your income goals and make £5k+ each month

In 4 modules, we teach you absolutely everything we did to comfortably hit our income goals each month as freelancers. Here are 3 clues to what’s included:

  • Build a profitable and risk free business with The Offer Triangle®
  • Effortlessly convert clients with The Switch Framework™️ 
  • Use the Clients Framework™️ to find well-paying clients

Bonus 4


Prove your ROI to clients so they stick around for longer

If you dread being asked to prove social media ROI then this is for you.

We’ll show you exactly how to track the results your social media work is getting for clients — and how to show the ROI to clients.

Spoiler alert: This goes way deeper than single platform insights but it’s a lot easier than you may think!

Bonus 5


Join a small, intimate group of social media managers for two coaching calls to mastermind your biggest business challenges and content struggles.

In the content review call we will give you personalised feedback on your content so you’ll know exactly how we’d tweak it to get better results for your clients.

Coaching calls like this are always one of our favourite ways to meet people — it’s how we met each other and started this business together!

The Social Media Managers Toolkit is a self-study programme, but when you enrol before 7th March, you’ll get invited to two live coaching calls, and we can’t wait to meet you!

Live hot-seat coaching with The Two Lauras

“So, spill the beans, what’s the investment?”

Get lifetime access to every course, template, and tool we've included... 😱

There is a LOT in the Toolkit, and this page is getting long, so let’s summarise exactly what you are getting: 

✅ The Ultimate Business Blueprint —

All the tools, templates, and processes you need in the 8 key areas of your business (worth £2,497)

Highlights include:
  • Pricing calculator and formulas so you never undercharge again
  • The perfect proposal template and sales call script
  • Our entire client onboarding process
  • The powerful client management system
  • Invoice, terms of business templates
  • Audits and social media strategy templates
  • Testimonial request script and case study template
  • And sooooooo much more!

✅ Ads Manager Academy® course —️

Learn everything you need to know to become a Facebook™ & Instagram™️ ads manager and skyrocket your income (worth £1,997)

✅ Social Prf course 

The ULTIMATE social media marketing course so you get consistently amazing results for your clients (worth £3,958)

✅ The Content Inspiration System™ —

Quickly create an endless supply of content ideas for any business in any sector and be super organised about it (worth £197)

✅ 5 Juicy Bonuses —

150 content prompts to transform your own social media, the 3P Framework to develop your personal marketing plan, our AI chatbot mini course, Google Analytics mini course so you can prove your ROI to clients and the biggie... The 5k Kickstart where we show you exactly how to make £5k+ each month (worth £1,189)

When you add it all up = £9,965

But you won't pay that... 😉

Pay in Full and
save £360


pay in full £1,440

Best Value!

Get full access for just £9,965 £1,440 when you pay in full today

Click here to pay in full US dollars

Get access for £300 per month

payment plan

6 months x £300

Pay the payment plan in US Dollars
Wooo hooo, this investment is tax deductible for most tax payers! 🥳
All sales are final.

4 times over
a great 
this month

she's ever

made money back
from the first month

(usually £1800)

“Why is this such great value?!” 

(And other Faq's)

Find the answer to your question below.

Got a question we haven’t answered yet? Drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours, Mon - Fri.
 When we sold the Business Blueprint and all the courses and bonuses separately we charged a lot more but we’ve bundled them all together at a waaaaaaay reduced price for 3 reasons:

1. This is our celebratory “launch price” for this new bundle of absolutely everything we’ve ever made — it is unlikely to be this price forever!

2. We had a lot of people who wanted to buy all our courses but couldn’t afford them all so they were just buying one or two and “figuring the rest out” themselves. That doesn’t make sense to us. We’ve got all the information you’ll ever need as a social media marketer and so wanted to create one affordable place where you can access it all.

3. There is a cost of living crisis going on right now. This feels right to us. 💛
YES! We wish someone had handed us this when we first started... you can get it right from day one with this Toolkit which means you can charge more with confidence because you will have the super-slick process of a top-dollar service provider. Quids in!
Do you ever worry your customer-facing documents aren’t impressive or professional enough? Do you wonder how to set or raise your prices? Do you fret over potential client relationship problems? Would you like to have more clients? Charge more? Nail Facebook and Insta ads? Improve your own content and marketing? Yes? Then yes, the Toolkit is for you. 
Yes. The Social Media Managers Toolkit is relevant for anyone wanting to make money as a social media manager, regardless of where you live or work.
We want to ensure you get what you need, so please email our team at [email protected] to ask any questions before you buy because all sales are final. Due to the way this product is delivered in full, immediately after purchase, we do not offer refunds on this product.
No, the Inner Hub membership (where you get live coaching calls from us and a very active community of like-minded social media marketers) isn’t included in the Toolkit. The two go hand in hand like Diet Coke and chocolate brownies 😋 we recommend starting with the Toolkit and then you can always join us in the Inner Hub for all your burning questions after! 
You get immediate access to the hub where you have all the courses and bonuses listed on this page. It’s very well laid out and you can get started immediately. You can dip into each course when you need it, you don’t have to complete it in a certain order.

             Take a peek to see what others are saying about The Social Media Managers Toolkit


If you like the thought of never needing to buy another course for your business, this is for you:

One final look at what's included...

All the tools, templates and processes to build a successful freelance business that attracts high-paying clients

Get The Ultimate Business Blueprint (worth £2,497)

Our entire onboarding process, pricing calculator, the perfect proposal template, sales call scripts and EVERYTHING we use to manage clients in our two successful social media businesses.

Nail the secrets of social media marketing so you get consistently amazing results for your clients and become a sought-after expert

Get our Social Prf course + bonus launch plan (worth £595)

Nail psychology-driven social media marketing to increase engagement, reach, and sales without worrying about the ever-changing algorithm again.

Everything you need to know to become a Facebook™ & Instagram™️ ads manager and skyrocket your income

Get the Ads Manager Academy® course (worth £1,997)

The only course you need to become a highly-skilled (and highly paid!) strategic ads manager

NEVER get stuck for content ideas again (for you or your clients)

Get the Content Inspiration System™ (worth £197) + The Content Bank (worth £97) + The 3P Framework (worth £199)

Quickly create an endless supply of content ideas for any business in any sector and be super organised about it.

Finally! The ONLY marketing + business training you’ll ever need in one place

We've got just one question left...

Are YOU ready to build a successful social media marketing business that you love, pays you well, and fits into your lifestyle?